Keep 1-4 of Your Eyes Open for Swallowed’s Lunarterial


Swallowed’s self-titled EP dropped way back in 2010 and I’ve since forgotten about it. Not that it wasn’t good — it was — I just got caught up in other things, okay? Shit.

Now these Finns are set to release their first full-length album, apparently four years in the making, on October 14.


The hooded hooligans are streaming a song from their upcoming Lunarterial right now. It’s called “Arterial Mists of Doom,” which is the best song name of the year. I’m a real advocate for putting “of Doom” after just about anything. It’s also the soundtrack to having your soul sucked out slowly, which I have a little bit of experience with as a married man/cat owner.

I wouldn’t blame those of you who don’t like it, but for some reason I can’t stop listening to this song. At the very least you have to admit it’s disconcerting, even for a genre like death/doom. There’s something really unsettling about the way the drums are presented, almost completely arbitrary to the framework set by the massive, noxious chords.

If you get bored, just hold out for about two minutes and maybe the brief, toxic groove will satiate your attention deficit disorder. Make it another minute and surrender to the soul vacuum. Of doom.

Stream “Aterial Mists of Doom” below!

Do you hate this and/or me? Is it soooo booooooring? Tell me about it in the comments!

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