Assumption Drag Us Beneath Hadean Tides in This Album Premiere


Drown in doom

The idea of being trapped underwater in the dark is terrifying. You have mere minutes to get yourself to safety, no way to see which way is up or out, time shortened by your own frantic sputtering. Twist and thrash all you want, try to follow the bubbles from the air escaping your lings, but who knows how far away the surface is? There is nothing but water in every direction, and eventually inward as well, and your body succumbs to the burning nothing.

Maybe it’s just the title, but that’s the feeling Hadean Tides evokes in me. Assumption’s take on low ‘n’ slow is as captivating as it is suffocating. The band has a grasp of dynamics and musical flow that draws you in with each subtle hook, ferrying you from one moment to the next without a second to recover. It’s almost shocking how frantic it can feel in spite of the creeping tempo; save for the occasional burst of speed, this album takes the “doom” descriptor of its tag to heart. Never once does it feel like it’s dragging, though, keeping things consistently interesting from song to song and melody to menacing melody.

In short, it’s fucking sick, but you knew that already. We’re wellacquainted with these fine folks around here, and you probably knew what you were getting into before you clicked in. Today, I’m more than pleased to present you with Hadean Tides in all its choking glory. Dive in and succumb to the waters:

Hadean Tides releases on May 20th via Sentient Ruin and Everlasting Spew

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