Sunday Sesh: Your Most Anticipated Releases


The title says it all. Today we’re having a roundhouse discussion of your most anticipated albums of 2K16. Grab your horoscope and your magic eight ball, because I want to hear your predictions.

Wikipedia, the ever-reliable source for heavy metal releases (lol) lists a whole smattering of albums with concrete release dates here. For my money, I’m keen to hear stuff from BorknagarIhsahn, and Vektor. If Cult of Luna really do break their hiatus and drop some new material, I will be genuinely elated. For the time being, though, the release that most excites me is the upcoming 11th studio album from NeurosisHonor Found in Decay was one of the best albums of the band’s career, so I can’t wait to hear what the original post/sludge/doom pillars of the metal community have in store.

Now it’s your turn. What album are you most anticipating for 2K16. Sound off in the comments below!


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