SRiHKAL 2015 – Short Releases I Have Known And Loved (Part Three)


There was a veritable glut of intoxicating short-releases that made their way into my bloodstream during the past year, and I’m going to take some time to share a few of them with you. Carrying on in the tradition of Alexander & Ann Shulgin’s ground-breaking work with PiHKAL and TiHKAL, I bring you SRiHKAL (Short Releases I Have Known And Loved, 2015).

In addition to the numerous other EPs, demos and various other small offerings from other bands I’ve covered throughout the year (Sewercide (OSDM), Sanzu (death/groove), Skullreader (dissonant black/death), Thrall (crusty BM), Makavrah (doom), Caecus (grindy death), Sequestered Keep (dungeon synth), Acherontas/Horna (ritualistic BM), etc.), I realised there were still a plethora of great little recordings like these from 2015 that shouldn’t go unmentioned. In Part Three, I bring you some killer thrash, neo-melo-death, psych-rock, and some Aussie blackened thrash n’roll. Once again, ingest these at your own risk.


IUPAC Name: Besieged

Class: Stimulant

Synthesis: Made the news on the 9th of August 2015 after a lab explosion in Winnepeg left most of Manitoba covered in the radioactive element thrashium (II). Came to my attention thanks to Simon Phoenix.

Dosage: 2mg

Duration: 9 minutes.

Symptoms: ADHD-like fervour, cervical fractures, repititive motor activity.

Similar Compounds: Sepultura (circa 1990), Demolition Hammer, Kreator.


IUPAC Name: Cryptic Hymn

Class: Depressant.

Synthesis: A team of four from Kentucky placed some household chemicals such as deathium and techtane into a centrifuge on the 8th of September 2015, and reacted the resulting mixture with a strongly alkaline melodiol base. When extracted and viewed under a microscope, the compound forms an attractive crystalline structure.

Dosage: 5g

Duration: 23 minutes.

Symptoms: Ataxia, risk of physical dependency, tolerance with repeated use.

Similar Compounds: The Black Dahlia Murder, Lamb Of God For A Cowboy, TBDM (yes, twice).


IUPAC Name: Deep Space Destructors

Class: Hallucinogen

Synthesis: On April 1st, 2015, a team of three from Oulu, Finland, found a vial of an long-forgotten trial chemical from the 1960s. Originally thought to have potential as a possible relaxant for returning astronauts to re-acclimatise them to the mundane life back on Earth, research into the compound was halted when the first subjects reportedly yearned for astral travel more than ever before.

Dosage: 2µg

Duration: 19 minutes.

Symptoms: Open-eye visuals, synethesia, out-of body experiences.

Similar Compounds: Earthless, Samsara Blues Experiment, Sun Mammuth, KJM.


IUPAC Name: Bastardizer

Class: Stimulant

Synthesis: Alchemic concoction formed when di-thrashide is rolled and smahed in a mortar and pestle and then oxidised in a crucible until a black crust forms. Achieved by a team of four from Sydney, Australia.

Dosage: 3g.

Duration: 11 minutes.

Symptoms: Satanic visions, fist-pumping, crick neck.

Similar Compounds: Bloodlust, Befouler, Goatwhore.

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