Washington Think Tank with W.: Who Is the big fish in your little pond?


Greetings, citizens! I hope you’re enjoying Sharkfest and not Shark Week. Discovery and I aren’t on speaking terms. I’m currently looking into getting Congressional authorization to go to war with them. I suppose I could try a work-around, but that sort of thing tends to only work once per Presidential term. “But Mr. President, why are you making all this hubbub about sharks?” Well, patriot, our glorious aquatic brethren have directly inspired this week’s think tank question, so strap on your floaties and try not to flounder too much in the deep water.

Today’s Question: Who Is the big fish in your little pond?

We metalheads are a reverent bunch, daily paying homage to the bands we deem most praiseworthy. However, metal is often a cruel ouroboros, and the greatest bands of yesteryear may be just small fries now (until they experience a glorious rebirth 14 years down the road). The top of the food chain is an ever-circulating feeding frenzy, but only the most vicious will survive. Just as the Megalodon and Ginsu sharks reigned for their respective eras but were eventually displaced, a new alpha predator will emerge. So, which band do you think is currently at the absolute top of your favorite subgenre? Who is totally unflushable and feeds off all the chum beneath them? Or conversely, who was once at the top but was eventually replaced when faster and stronger species evolved?

Sound off in the comments below.

Don’t know what the Washington Think Tank is? This is a weekly column where your former President poses a pressing question and allows the top minds at the Toilet ov Hell to investigate his query.

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