News/New Music Roundup: Gorguts, Kawir, Moonsorrow, The Great Old Ones and More


I think I finally understand the ultimate nature of news: If you don’t report it, it just keeps piling up. Here is some news.

First things first, some band called Gorguts has a new song out.

The song, “Wandering Times” is taken off of Pleiades Dust out May 13th. It’s giving Colored Sands a pretty good run for its money, but I remain curious as to how the whole is going to work if the album is just one big song divided into movements. Most, if not all, of you have already heard it, but I’d say it’s just worth listening to twice.


Cynic is preparing to release a thing that is related to their shows in Japan, I suspect a live video/album. I guess if you’re still interested in (what’s left of) the band take a look at the video below.


Crossover legends D.R.I, are preparing to release a new EP, their first of new material since 1995! Says Kurt Brechtto in the Phoenix New Times: “just a handful of songs to test the waters. We haven’t put out anything new in so long, so we wanted to see how much interest there really is in it.” Brecht adds, “It’s straightforward, without the metal guitar sound… I’m more into the hardcore myself, but it’s okay if we keep the metal because we mix it all together.”


Fade Kainer from Batillus/Statiqbloom had his van stolen; these things are things that are bad and also not good.


There’s a new Kawir song out; “Dionysus” is taken from Father Sun Mother Moon, out in April (exact date unclear as of now). If Hellenic black metal is your thing, Kawir has been dominating Rotting Christ and Varathron and pretty much every other major band from the scene for a few years now.


The electronic/space rock/techno-whatever band K-X-P will release III part 2 through Svart Records on March 18th. According to the band/press release, fear of war, euphoria, dark sexuality and a cosmic new time are flashes of the mood and atmosphere of the new album, and when put to the background of 1970’s Sheffield, ravaged by its industrialization, you get an idea what the fourth K-X-P album sounds and looks like.

If, on the other hand, you’d like a more substantial example of what to expect you can jam “Freeway” below.


Last years’s best album might have been Tähtiportti’s self-titled debut. Rejoice Tapir, and the one other guy who actually took the time to check them out, for on April 1st, Svart Records will release their sophomore album Eetterimessu. According to the band, it won’t be a bitter journey to the darkness with thought-scrambling, metaphysical phantasms. Instead, it’s a gate to the inner light and brightness (hope you brought your sunglasses, I know I got mine), desiring to embrace the listener and lead him/her into a magical dance. And there’s a new song out. I dig, I jam.
Jam this song, this magnificent song. This song ov the month song, below.


Dawnbringer has released a new EP digitally, which you can stream below. Ektro Records will release the physical version in the coming months.

Dedicated to death.


The Great Old Ones have signed to Season of Mist, apparently.



  • Mastodon is going to open their own “Ember City” rehearsal space in the town of Atlanta. If you inhabit the village of Atlanta and play music and haven’t got a place of your own to rehearse, or need a better one, this news could interest you, and you can read more of it here.
  • Moonsorrow released a teaser for their upcoming album, Jumalten Aika, out 1st of April.
  • A new video for “Lahja” off of the Värähtelijä, out this Friday, has been released by Oranssi Pazuzu
  • Dysrhythmia is scheduled to hit the studio in late April to record their new album.
  • The year 2016 continues to suck and musicians keep dying. This time Piotr Grudzinski, the guitarist of Riverside, aged only 40, and Chris Reaper Campbell, the vocalist of Martyrvore.
  • A new death metal supergroup featuring former and current members of Bolt ThrowerBenedictionand Cerebral Fix is emerging like a giant bone monolith in Birmingham. You may want to keep your eye out for Memoriam.
  • Oh, and new Rotten Sound, I suppose.
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