Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.15 We Get Weird


We’re back with an anti-fash anthem via Spectral Lore, gnarly grind from Skullsmasher, Bolt Thower beatdowns courtesy of Path To War, and experimental shit from Kerala and An Isolated Mind. We also talk Pet Semetary, Toilet weddings, JumpinDaFukkUp, Highlander-ass jellyfish, cavemen in tanks, getting too ripped for Inherent Vice, and a bunch of other weird shit.

Music Featured This Week:

Spectral Lore – ‘No Excuses For Fascist Sympathy’ [Book Of Sand cover] (out now)
Path To War – ‘Beneath The Treads’ from Spring Promo (out now)
An Isolated Mind – ‘Turritopsis dohrnii’ from I’m Losing Myself (out now)
Skullsmasher – ‘Bonehammer’ from Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery (out now)
Kerala ‘II’ from Anagenesis (out now)
Suffering Hour – ‘Dwell’ from Dwell (out now thru Blood Harvest)

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