Month Without Metal, Week 4: This is the End

In all of my wisdom I have elected to give up metal for the month of February. What follows below is a recap of life without my preferred genre and all of the discovery and suffering that entails. Oh, and playlists! There are playlists, too. Please, won’t you come join me so I don’t have to suffer alone?

FREEEEEEEDOOOOOOM. Well, not as of the time of this writing or probably even as of the time you read this, but the end is so close that it’s the only word that comes to mind. Freedom. It just tastes so good when I say it. This has been a long, and at times very difficult, journey and it feels almost surreal to have it come to an end. Enough of me ejaculating excitement, let’s recap this one last week.

In all honesty this might have been the easiest week of the 4. My music listening was, unintentionally, much less frequent than the past few weeks because I was swamped with work and when I wasn’t working I was being reminded of how badly Bloodborne can kick my ass. Temptation was always right around the corner though, as this was a week jam packed with heavy hitting releases. Seeing several people rave about the new Skaphe and Destroyer 666 albums and then having my own copies show up this past Friday was almost enough to push me to Ultimate Warrior levels of babbling insanity.

In previous weeks this is where I’ve talked about what I listened to over the course of the week, but I thought seeing as this is the end it’d be more fun to talk about what I can’t wait to listen to instead. I chose this month in part because upon first glance it looked pretty light on new releases. I was taught the error of my ways almost immediately. This week may have been the best in terms of LP releases with albums by the likes of Ripper, Altarage, Ritual Chamber and the aforementioned Destroyer 666 and Skaphe albums; each week has seen a steady release of new songs from albums I am irrationally excited for. At the top of this heap of “OMG GIMME GIMME” are new tracks from Gorguts and Nucleus, which I imagine are both filled with perfect weirdo death metal goodness that will cure all of the ills this world has ever seen. Such is the power of Luc Lemay.

More importantly, I can’t wait to spend some quality time with Master of Puppets. Easily one of the most important albums in my life (and metal history obvz) just turned 30, and I had to skip its birthday party like a lame ass friend who allegedly has a kid and responsibilities. I am going to rectify this immediately and let potentially the riffiest album of all time alter my world view all over again. I might even spin it two times in a row if I’m feeling crazy.

When everything is said and done, I’m glad I did this. It has taken me well outside of my comfort zone by taking away my number one coping mechanism and item of enjoyment, but it has also given me an appreciation of other genres that I’ve turned a blind eye to all these years. After my initial burst of catching up on what I’ve missed, I like to think I’ll keep a decent amount of non-metal in my rotation as well. David Bowie is a given. Of course, all that being said, I will NEVER attempt this again. Heavy metal is just too precious. You should definitely try it sometime, though. Definitely.


You’re still here? It’s over. Go home. Go! JK, open this fucking comment section up with some riffs and let’s all be thankful we have such wonderful music.

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