We Recovered Some Of Your Leaked Data, Here’s What We Found…


You won’t believe the dumb shit you let slip!

While the naive part of the world who thought their personal data was safe with a private enterprise hellbent on creating profit¬†online world deals with the fact that they Zucc’d the big one courtesy of Facebook‘s alleged wholesale data deal with Cambridge Analytica, some are left wondering who else is now in possession of their info and to what nefarious end their data could used. But, dear reader, what if, instead of being stolen by the thrifty hands of some cerebral criminal genius, it was just sitting idle in the storage folder of some fucking dropkick who forgot he’d even acquired it? Now what if I told you that YOU gave it to such an idiot of your own volition, merely because he asked for it? Well as it turns out, that’s exactly what happened a few months ago. You fools.

Mid-way through last year I conducted an anonymous survey to find out some of the listening habits of our readership, with no real purpose other than for us to discuss the results. Well today I reached deep into the S-bend and pulled out the first set of results from the polls. Some of the patterns were pretty much in line with what you’d expect, some are a bit more diverse. Due to the limitations of the software available on the site, coupled with the fact that the polls were both anonymous and discrete, we can’t really extrapolate much else from data set other than what you see below. Also, no. You want significant results? Stop eating so much shit food, walk your dog more, and I dunno, listen to this new Unravel track.

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