Photo Chop: 19th Edition


Kudos to all of you on your especially well-executed 18th Edition entries. Let’s clear away the bloody detritus and see who made it to the top of the choppin’ pile.

A round of applause for Óðinn and his suicidal chicken tendies. Óðinn, get in touch with me to claim your custom voicemail greeting or other audio randomness.

18thEditionWinner$4.99 lunch special (pepe $2 extra)

A slightly smaller round of applause for Spear and his horrific, furry Sólstafur:

18thEditionSolstafur_700Masterpiece of Yifferness

And a smaller round of applause still for Tolo and his (her?) also furry but much less disturbing Barkthrone:

18thEditionBarkthroneTransylvanian Chew Toy

Your assignment for this edition is to engineer your own guitar face. You can do this by either A) finding a normal picture of your favorite musician and distorting, twisting & mangling their facial bits around as needed, or B) take a picture of yourself distorting, twisting & mangling your own face as much as possible. Extra points if you can integrate a stage pose and/or instruments.

guitarfacecomp700Like this but with less DMB and Mayer, because fuck those guys

 The rules:

  • Keep it safe for work
  • Be creative and use whatever tools you want; “talent” or “skill” is not required
  • Post your entry in a new Disqus comment below
  • Entries will be judged on the number of upvotes they receive
  • The winner will be announced in the next edition and can request a custom audio thingy

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