Full of Hell Should Be A Household Name By November


Are you guys as excited for Full of Hell‘s collaboration with Merzbow as I am? It’s due out on Profound Lore Records this November.

We at the Toilet ov Hell think this should propel Full of Hell into Katy Perry like levels of stardom, Radiohead at the very least. If you aren’t familiar with Full of Hell, they bill themselves as “genre grinding death in the form of hardcore punk” on their Facebook page. They play grindcore with noisy and sludgy passages soaked in reverb. Is sludgecore a thing? It is now. We think the public is ready for this in mass consumption! The collaboration with Merzbow is what will likely put Full of Hell on the map. If you aren’t familiar with Merzbow, he has long been the figurehead of the noise and Japanoise scenes. If you aren’t familiar with his music, you still have likely heard or read his name during any exploration into extreme music. I imagine Full of Hell are as excited for this collaboration as I am!

I first heard the band last year when I discovered their full length album Rudiments of Mutilation, which was one of my favorite records from 2013. I then started to dive into their back catalog, which contains another full length album, a smattering of splits and EPs, and even a couple of short noise projects. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a wealth of music from a band that started releasing music in 2010. This is one of my favorite tracks from Rudiments of Mutilation; it’s my jam.

I was talking with gorenoise guru Christian Molenaar this weekend when he tipped me off to the Full of Hell / Merzbow collaboration. Then, like some prophetic divination, the album cover appeared in my newsfeed the very next day. Profound Lore Records uploaded this Youtube teaser yesterday morning (very modern and chic in my humble opinion). Though short, it should give you a good idea of what to expect from Full of Hell and Merzbow this November; it sounds harrowing.

Check out the teaser for Full of Hell / Merzbow, and check out Rudiments of Mutilation  if you aren’t familiar with this exciting new band. It’s as good a place to start in their catalog as any!

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