Someone Supposedly Slowed Down Krisiun’s Latest Album


Krisiun, I choose you!

On Tuesday, Brazilian death metal veterans Krisiun left a post on Facebook stating that their new album Forged in Fury (out this week via Century Media) has been posted in various places all over the internet. While that in itself is not particularly newsworthy, they did include one interesting piece of information:


One can expect album leaks and rips to be low quality. Some come from radio promos or demos and travel through the complicated system of tubes known as the internet. Sometimes you get what you actually want and sometimes your computer gets injected with a lethal dose of Sad Satan.

One thing you might not expect is that the speed of the album has been purposely slowed down. Krisiun claims that this has been done in an effort to harm the band. I’m not sure what proof they have, but I am definitely interested in hearing the full story. Is it an angry college radio DJ? An intern looking for revenge? A crazed Sepultura fan claiming “There can be only one”?

Why would someone do that? Are they just being a lazy prankster? Unless it’s hilariously slowed down to SUNN O)))-like proportions, why bother? Most people listening to the album via “alternative” means probably like the band already or weren’t going to buy the album in the first place.

With 9 studio albums, 1 live album, and multiple EP’s and demos, I don’t think something like this will adversely affect the band. It appears that the album isn’t on Youtube and there’s no way I’m going around torrent sites to find a crappy version. Only time will tell if what amounts to a prank will hurt record sales. In the meantime, you can safely listen to a proper song from Forged in Fury here.

While there isn’t a full stream of the album online yet, I think we can all agree that this is probably not what a full speed version sounds like:

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