Photo Chop: 4th Edition


Congratulations ov hell to MSD for winning the 3rd edition with his violently radikult creation (below): 


Somewhere in the bowels of YouTube there has to be a video of this actually happening. I will not rest until I find it. Or until one of you finds it and shows it to me. I’m cool like dat. MSD, be sure to get in touch with Papa Joe for your copy of Opium Morals from Seven Sisters of Sleep!

For this edition of the Masterpiece Photo Chop Theatre, I present to you a shared experience that we’re all intimately familiar with: the Random Sweaty Concert Dude (RSCD). The typical RSCD is not so much a fan of music as he is of just getting buzzed and numbing out to some loud shit, often as closely as possible to the massive house speakers. “Whatever man, it’s all good…” is a common response to most statements or questions, such as “Hey stop flailing around and knocking into us with your sweaty back flab” or “Where are your fucking pants?”

The RSCD has poor coordination and balance due a constant intake of drugs and/or alcohol, experiences lapses in judgement, which can result in him hugging random guys in the pit and demanding burritos from the bartender, and has a loose grip on reality in the darkened environment of a concert venue, often resulting in cases of mistaken identity for an old high school classmate. “STeve! SteVe-O! StEVARiNO! BAbiNO! Remem*hic* rEMember mE?! It’Ss Mike! MIKe! Ohhaaha ha hAHa GoOd TimES!”

The rules:

  • Keep it clean & safe for work
  • Be creative & use whatever tools you want; “talent” or “skill” is not required
  • Post your entry in a new Disqus comment below
  • Entries will be judged on the number of upvotes they receive
  • The winner will be announced in the following week’s edition and will win some stuff from Joe’s desk like stickers and compilation CDs AN INCREDIBLY AMAZING PRIZE PACK INCLUDING MIND-BLOWING GLORIOUS STICKERS OF AWESOMENESS AND BRAIN-BLASTING FACE-MELTING COMPILATION CDs OF ULTIMATE METAL GODHOOD!!!

This week’s image:

Click to embiggen (via)

So just, kinda… y’know, do whatever man, with the whole photo choppin’ thing… it’s all good. I’ll be right here, sweating all over these ladies’ arms.

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