Toilet Radio 230: True Metalheads Only Listen to Pop Music


Have you met a bigger bunch of cowards in your whole life than Death Metal fans and musicians? Probably not, because those are the only people you know outside of the church your parents still make you go to. Look, unlike confident modern men that command respect by speaking their minds loudly and proudly, Death Metal bands are hiding their true caveman intentions behind unga-bunga vocals nobody can understand. Enough is enough, so I think it’s about time that we call in the experts. True Metal and Sexual Position Historian 365 Days of Horror provides essential brains as well as hot sweaty brawn to the discussion, calling as well on big buff brawn-only Breno to sexcavate deep down into Death Metal’s dark damp, moist conversation cavern. Who needs paleontologists when the world’s finest faileontologists dig into the sensitive subject of violent and offensive lyrics in the 2020 metal scene with about as much grace and finesse as a woolly mammoth hot and horny in heat and ready to tusk the dead fuck out of any snapback wearing neanderthal that dares try it?

You know what is easy to understand? Pop music. So much so, that everybody gets it. It’s everywhere. Pumping in through overhead grocery store speakers while you decide which box of processed poison to put in your face. A local FM radio station ear worming through your work day courtesy of a middle-aged coworker’s desk radio she got from her estranged son three holiday seasons ago that he paid too little for it to still work. A Pepsi commercial. A car commercial. A YouTube commercial. A ball butter for men commercial. That shit is inescapable, unless you live under a rock or a web forum. So while the world’s two greatest metal scientists are on the case of cracking The Cannibal Corpse Code, can they too determine if it’s physically possible for a Death Metal fan to listen to a pop song without shitting his camouflage shorts? You’ll have to have to annihilate that play button below to find out.

Also, we talk Vince Neil‘s perfect birthday message, beard care, sad local shows, the Super Bowl half-time show, the importance of butts to the decade, Green Day hating Swedish songwriters, Don Dokken slap-fighting his doctor and somehow so much more. It’s actually a show.

Music featured on this show:
ZILF – “Sick” from their upcoming debut


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