Photo Chop: The Rare Pepe Edition


No one knows from whence he came. No one knows what he wants. All we know is that he is the king of memes. Who is he? Pepe the Frog, of course.

2015 is the year of Pepe, though he has been lurking the darkened swamps of the internet for many years. You’ve seen his face everywhere: in the apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout, doing battle with Dr. Eggman as Sanic the Hedgehog, and even crossing the dimensional barrier with the Survivalist Cult. Rare Pepe memes frequently sell for thousands of dollars on Ebay, and a fine, rare Pepe is worth more than all that jewelry your doddering old Gran’ is leaving you as an inheritance.

With so many Pepes saturating the market, you may be wondering where he may appear next. My friends, metal is the final frontier. This is a virtually untapped market, and I’m offering you a chance to get in at the ground floor. Below I present my own rare Pepe, fresh from the chopping floor. Please don’t steal.



Our own Lacertilian has also gotten in on the action. Please don’t steal his either.









So here’s where your chance, friends. Fire up your chopping blades and start dropping Pepe onto your favorite metal album covers. The winner this week gets the privilege of owning the rarest, dankest Pepe meme on any metal blog. Let’s see what you’ve got.

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