Flush It Friday: Ca$h Rule$ Everything Redux


It’s Friday. Many of you are coming to the end of a harrowing treacherous blasphemous [insert heavy metal blogger adjective] work week. You’re getting ready to party your asses off, or preparing for a relaxing weekend, or planning on getting shit done around the house, or listening to at least seven black metal albums, or just planning to spend it with your wives and children. You may have caught my last edition of Flush It Friday. I didn’t have to work this week. I haven’t worked a day since March 20th, which was my last day at a company that I worked for slightly over seven years. In the grand tradition of Flush It Friday, let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.

First, I saw this cartoon last weekend and chuckled. Look at it.


BAD: Unemployment has been a weird experience. There have been a couple of side effects I was not expecting. First, I feel like my brain stopped working. I haven’t had much to remember, but I haven’t been able to remember much either. For example: I went grocery shopping this week. The very next day, I called my roommate from the grocery story to ask I had butter. Of course I did, because I purchased it the day before. It’s like I’m not sharp. It has been most noticeable the past week. The second effect I noticed is that not working made me lazy. There were a lot of things I intended to do that somehow slipped through the cracks of seemingly endless time. I wanted to become the Toilet Ov Hell’s own Cormac McCarthy. I dreamed of listening to all the music I meant to catch up on. Let’s just say I beat Bloodborne four times. My motivation to do almost anything was absent, because, why? I’m really looking forward to be working again.

GOOD: I’m starting work in the next couple of weeks! I got a job offer, and have already passed the background check. I’m taking a physical and drug test next Tuesday. The results should take about a day and we’ll figure out my start date. Well, what is the job, Edward?

The job is as a Direct Support Professional II, working with people with developmental disabilities. It’s at a day program for people away from their homes or group homes. The population is clients with severe mental and / or physical handicaps. Autism, cerebral palsy, profound mental retardation (an out of fashion word, “cognitive delays” is what people say now but someone said it to me during my two hour interview), and some additional mental illness diagnoses. I imagine it will be a mix of intrinsically rewarding work and Lovecraftian terror. The starting pay isn’t awful, and like most social work jobs it comes with a strong benefits package: health insurance, 401k, accrued paid vacation, et cetera. I worked two jobs in 2014 and didn’t have health insurance that whole year. My goal / hope / dream is to move up in the social work industry. Having a distinguished degree in business doesn’t qualify me to do that, but this is a step in the right direction.

Since I am a glass half full (of Satan) kind of guy, here is some other cool shit that happened or is happening soon:

– I won my criminal record expungement. Take that, Minnesota.

– I’m rapidly approaching eight years of continuous sobriety, August 13th.

– I looked at a ton of houses with my girlfriend and she finally had an offer accepted.

– My new job won’t interfere with my upcoming trip to New York City for APEX VI. Look to the Toilet for coverage of the event: APEX VI: A Minnesotan’s Apocalyptic Odyssey. (See UGLY for new job / show interference)

– My live music calendar through June includes Ice Cube this Sunday, Apex VI June 5th and 6th (Burial Hex, Gnaw Their Tongues, The Body, others), possibly The Vomit Arsonist, and Death Grips.

UGLY: Primitive Man is playing here in June. Home Is Where The Hatred Is made my favorite albums from the first quarter of this year. I had intended on going, but the 10:00 pm doors and a pretty early start time at the new job is making that unlikely. Bummer! Primitive Man released an official music video for their track “Loathe” this week. Check it out below, and head’s up, it’s probably NSFW.

MUSIC: Cattle Decapitation dropped a new song from their upcoming album The Anthropocene Extinction (August 7th, Metal Blade). This is big news. I have seen it in the comments at least six times already. Responses have ranged from oh my fucking god I just came, to this is alright, to cool solo bro, to a loud and resounding meh. Check it out below.

The Vomit Arsonist debuted a track from his upcoming album Only Red (June 9th, Malignant Records). I have been eagerly anticipating this project. I may be in the minority here, but I have a feeling Only Red could place come EOTY time. Check out the song and a frightening music video below.

The homey 365 Days of Horror tipped me off to a new Skinless track. Our writers have been looking forward to their album Only The Ruthless Remain (June 2nd, Relapse Records). It’s just what we’ve come to expect. It’s loud, violent, and [insert reference to mesh basketball shorts]. It’s on a couple of sites, but Metalsucks premiered an “exclusive” of it, so check it out there.


No Clean Singing premiered a new Maruta song, for their upcoming album Remain Dystopian (June 2nd, Relapse Records). At one minute and one second long, you have no reason not to stab that link. GRIND.


The homey Ron Deuce pointed me to news about a new Ghostface Killah album, his sequel to 12 Reasons To Die (due July). Despite its critical acclaim, I was pretty late to check out 12 Reasons To Die. I won’t make the same mistake with the sequel. “Return of the Savage” features Raekwon and The Rza over a lo-fi, dreamlike beat from producer Adrian Younge.


Did you catch JAG’s review of the new Faith No More album? I got a chance to play Sol Invictus yesterday, which was a breath of fresh air. Stab the link to read the review, check out “Superhero” below, and remember Sol Invictus dropped this week.

You guys know the deal. Post your own good, bad, and ugly in the comments below. Let us know what you think of “Manufactured Extinct”. It’s also an Open Swim. Have a great weekend everybody!

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