Tech Death Thursday: June Edition


Fuck your face, you don’t need it

In case you haven’t already noticed, TDT isn’t a weekly thing anymore. The reason being that writing about it every single week was slowly but surely draining my love of the genre. Due to this, I decided to make TDT a monthly thing. So while this means there will be less TDT, it also means that the posts will be much meatier. Before we get started, an important note: Mad Max is the greatest action movie ever. One more thing to note before I forget, send your submissions to the main TOH email for the time being. I went full lolbuttz and forgot the password to the TDT email [Goddammit – Joe]. Alright, let’s get techy.

Here’s da news:

Arkaik are close to finishing up their next album and have been posting studio footage on their Facebook.

-Much to my delight, Allegaeon posted that they already have 14 songs written for the next album

Killitorous have begun hinting at new music, mention that the new album is in pre-production and will be quote “Bigger, faster, stronger and heavier”

Nile will have a new album called What Should Not Be Unearthed out August 28th

Terminus Est has a new single out. It is the good shit. Check it out.

Kronos have dropped a new song called “Klymenos Underwrath” from their upcoming album Arisen New Era which is coming out on Unique Leader next month. Check that out here.

The Shoenberg Automaton dropped a new song called “The Fragile One” off of their upcoming album APUS. While I haven’t heard much of these guys, this song kind of reminds me of Revocation. Check it out.

Warforged has a new song called “Two Demons”. While they aren’t strictly tech death, they are technical enough to be here. Also they are awesome. Bask in the glory of this track at their bandcamp.

Rivers of Nihil have a new song called “Perpetual Growth Machine” off of their upcoming album Monarchy. This is light years better than the previous album and that’s not to say the previous album was bad either. Melt your face here.

Beyond Creation released a new playthrough video for “L’exorde” off of their most recent album Earthborn Evolution. Watch here and try to remember why you wanted to learn guitar/bass.

Vale of Pnath are looking for a new vocalist and have listed the requirements for it:
* Must be awesome
* Must be 21+
* Must be drug & drama free (420 ok ;))
* Must have valid US passport and clean criminal record for international travel
* Must be willing to write lyrics and contribute to the songwriting process
* Must be able to tour a few months out of the year (you’ll have plenty of notice, don’t worry)
If you meet those requirements go try out!


-I probably forgot something, feel free to yell at me in the comments if that’s the case

First off, we’re gonna talk about Perhelion. I mentioned these guys once or twice in the news section of previous posts, but as I write this they have just dropped their debut album and it’s a doozy. Contained within this album is an absolute fucking malestrom of riffs and out of this world musicianship. This is not your run of the mill tech death band. These guys write songs, with hooks and clear structure while still sounding as technical as fucking Archspire does. Look, when you write a tech death album with hooks you are doing it so goddamned right that wrong doesn’t even exist. The vocals are quite impressive as well, ranging from high pitched wails to low growls and everything in between. The production is spot on and none of the instruments or the vocals suffer from being too loud or too muffled. I’d say this is definitely album of the year material here and I expect they are going to get signed real fast.


Next up is Afterburner. Their album Dawn of Enthrallment came out in 2014, but I just recently became aware of them thanks to an email from a reader who we will call Mario. You know who you are. The band wastes no time hitting you in the fucking throat after the initial intro track. There are riffs that swirl in and out of your eardrums and vocals that are heavy as fuck. It’s not often that you hear someone refer to vocals as heavy, but goddamnit these vocals are heavy! I’m trying to think of who they remind me of, but nothing really comes to mind. Regardless, this is a very well  done album with some pretty wicked songwriting. It’s definitely more on the brutal side of tech death. Now that I think about it, they have some similarities to Cytotoxin. The tricky thing here is I cannot seem to find a link to purchase the album anywhere, however I did find the album on YouTube. If any of you guys can find a download/purchase link for this I will let you rent out the interrogation room for a party with beer and more beer.


Next up on the scalp ripping block is Veld. Veld is what you would get if you took the atmosphere of Behemoth, the blisteringly fast drums of bands like Hour of Pennance and Fleshgod Apocalypse and  threw in a little Nile for good measure. If that doesn’t sound like a winning combination to you please report to the hall so I can fucking kick you off the edge. There are no cute little weedlies or sexy deedilies in Veld’s music, just pure face melting intensity. This is a good thing though, because sometimes you just need an album to scare the living fuck out of the idiot drivers on the road who can’t take their eyes off of their cell phones for more than 1 minute. Now you can pull up next to said asshole drivers blast this album and watch the lifeloving lolbutzers disintegrate before your eyes. Don’t forget to give them a really evil stare so that it’s the last thing they ever see.


The task of finishing off whatever may be left of your face is up to Anachronism. Their album Reflecting the Inside dropped back in April and has since been on constant rotation in my playlist. Like Afterburner, these guys reside a little closer to the brutal side of things of the tech death spectrum. The drumming is fucking fantastic as is the riffing. What I didn’t expect was the bass. There is some really good bass work on this album; it’s not on the level of Beyond Creation, but it’s pretty unfair to compare any band to them in the first place. I really like when Anachronism throws in some slower, more plodding parts in their songs. They add a lot while not overstaying their welcome like the omnipresent breakdown in deathcore. The vocals are pretty fantastic as well; they aren’t super unique, but the tone of them makes the package sound that much better.


Until next time,

Stay Tech

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