Premiere: Aversed – “Laboratory”


(Progressive) Death approaches

The world is burning in a horrifyingly literal sense. Governments continue to cut protections for endangered species, opting for development and logging over conservation. We refuse to ban hydraulic fracking in the US in spite of overwhelming scientific evidence of its negative effects, which is to say nothing of the effect that it has on small communities. Wildlife populations are being decimated as the earth grows warmer and our air and water grows more polluted. The amount of garbage we’ve made outweighs the collective biomass of the planet. We have precious little time to take the drastic actions necessary to mitigate massive environmental collapse, actions that are unlikely to be taken as our politicians capitulate to corporate interests that care little for the long-term health of our species or the world at large.

Coping with this harsh reality is difficult to say the least, and it’s the driving impulse behind the new album from Aversed. It’s an album born of the rage, depression, and anxiety of facing the near-inevitability of environmental collapse, and its music carries the weight of that concept. The song we premiere today, “Laboratory,” is specifically about one member’s time working in a biological research laboratory and the frustration of seeing the work they were doing as unhelpful to anyone. It’s full of dread and vitriol, but performed with the precision and skill reflective of the band’s pedigree, featuring current and former members of UnfleshBegat the Nephilim, and Seven Spires. This is prog death I can truly get behind, well-executed in both music and message.

Impermanent releases on March 19th
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