Riff Of The Week: Under The Sea Edition


Underwater riffs from Sulphur Aeon, Gutless, An Isolated Mind, and Disillusion. Which one floats your goat?

Last week for our Mammoth Edition: the battle was quite even over the weekend until the Damim crowd caught wind of their place in the comp via some form of social media and proceeded to suck up over 50% of the vote during the final stetch. However, seeing as though it had no discernable reference to the theme (judging by Brian’s blurb I’m 99% certain it was intended for our previous week’s Best Of 2019 So Far Edition) I’m awarding victory to Hans. Scrupulous? Yes. Vindictive? Also yes.

This week our theme was simply “Underwater“.
Here’s what you sent in…

Brock Samson
Gutless – ‘Boiled Alive’ (Riff @ 1:48)

You can be underwater and still get nice and filthy. This comes from my favorite demo of this year so far and if you haven’t listened to it, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Disillusion – ‘The Black Sea’ (Riff @ 0:56)

The first thing I thought of was a part in the title track from this, but in case y’all disagree that the sound of the guitars evokes waves crashing in above you, I went with a song that achieves a similar effect but combines it with a more immediately relevant title. /weirdly apologetic rant

Sulphur Aeon – ‘Swallowed By The Ocean’s Tide’ (Riff @ 2:18)

I guess most of their songs count, being Cthulhu/Lovecraft themed.

An Isolated Mind – ‘Turritopsis dohrnii‘ (Riff @ 4:06)

We talked about the title for this track back on an earlier episode of Riff-Raff but in case you missed it, Turritopsis dohrnii is essentially the jellyfish version of the Highlander. Fucken immortal Cnidarian, wild shit. I picked the part where the song settles down and drifts with the tide for a minute or two for today though, feel like we could all chill a bit more often.

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