Premiere: Black Hole Deity – “Crucible Knight”


This week’s premiere is brought to you by this fucking asshole:

Mom says it’s my turn on the Xbox

We are officially entering the era of metal artists drawing inspiration from Elden Ring, and I am here for it. Who better to usher in this glorious new gilded age (or age of stars if you swing that way) than¬†Black Hole Deity? Our boys have returned from the Lands Between with a new album on the way, and they’re bringing us our first sampling of it with “Crucible Knight.”

Saying this band is particularly well-suited for the subject matter at hand wasn’t just bloviating. Elden Ring deals largely with the collapse and decay of royalty, and Black Hole Deity’s music has a sense of unhinged majesty to it that feels very appropriate. The eponymous crucible knights are particularly brutal enemies that fight with an array of weapons and magics, and the absolute thrashing this track delivers alongside its taunting lyrics really drive home the anxiety and intensity of fighting something that has you entirely outclassed. It’s technical and brutal without being capital-T or -B Tech Death or Brutal Death, melodic without being rote, and thoroughly violent. It’s good shit, and I’m very pleased to present it to you:

Profane Geometry releases on July 5th via Everlasting Spew (may they spew in perpetuity)
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