Toilet Radio 227: Creep of the Week


Your three good boys sat down to talk the affairs of the day. We finally got our first taste of Verotika in an absolutely thrilling trailer. Joe recounts his experience at Power Trip‘s Evil Beat II and attempts to explain the metal crowds in each major city in Texas. We try to figure out how to steal textbooks and come up short. Creep of the Week: We learn, thanks to Maggie Serota’s exhaustive reporting, that Sin Quirin of Ministry is fucking disgusting. The silence from his band is deafening. Elsewhere, Iron Reagan‘s now-former bass player lost his job, apartment, and band in short order after allegations against him became public. On a lighter note, we discuss the history of cowboy hats on metal dudes. Finally, Joe went to a pay to play show (!) and lived to tell the tale. Let’s get this podcast bread, playas.

Music featured on this show:
Rogga Johannson – “The Creepers Are Coming” from Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler 2020

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