Riff-Raff Podcast: [Ep.46] Cooked Country


Our first episode of 2020 brings new metal from Azoth, Snorlax, Extinction, Atræ Bilis, and Phobophilic. We also talk bushfires, Pokemon metal, Metallica copyright infringement, John Wick 4 x Matrix 4 rug sales, the next breakthrough in merch, Chturning Point USA, shitting the bed (yes…again), an Australian appraisal of generic US beer, along with other bad bogan opinions. Sorry folks.

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Music Featured On This Episode:
Azoth – ‘Worlds Upon Worlds’ from Magnitude Of Extinction (out now)
Atræ Bilis – ‘Ectopian’ from Divinihility (out ???)
Snorlax ‘The Chaos Ov Iron Oppression’ from II (out now)
Phobophilic – ‘That Which Swallowed The Sun’ from Undimensioned Identities (out 28/2)
Extinction – ‘Anthropogenic Degradation Of Ecosystemic Vegetation’ (out now)


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