Premiere: Black Passage – “Silent Home”


We’ve got some new prog death for you today, and it’s… happy?

I’ve written a bunch of times now about the rise of atmospheric tech death and tech-adjacent music, and frankly, I’m all for more. The salty bite of the heavy riffs and drums perfectly complements the sweet airiness of the post-metal-influenced ambiance, a combination that’s highly addictive. Bands: do more of this.

The song we have for you today might follow a trail that’s fairly well-worn at this point, but it’s anything but a cheap knockoff. While plenty of these types of bands incorporate elements of post-metal into their sound, Black Passage is one of the few that truly melds tech and post together to a single cohesive sound. Driving percussion spurs “Silent Home” through quiet moments of warm clean singing and ethereal guitars and passages of soaring leads and thick growls alike. The song’s major key further distinguishes it from its peers, and the whole affair has a decidedly comfy feel to it. This tune is a rare beast indeed, and I’m very pleased to be bringing it to you today:

“Silent Home” is far from a comprehensive view of the album; with members from Fallujah, Behold the Desecration, Wolf King, and Anisoptera, the band has a wide variety of musical influences in their background. If you like what you heard here, be sure to check out “Left to Waste” and follow the band on Facebook for more updates. The Veil comes out in July, and you can preorder a copy yourself right here.

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