Track Premiere: Crown of Madness – “A Wrenching Nostalgia”


Nostalgia is a clear example of a double-edged sword; looking backward, we find comfort in joyful memories but risk losing sight of the present and the possibilities it brings. With “A Wrenching Nostalgia,” Crown of Madness deftly navigates the border between influence and novelty, avoiding the pitfalls of writing with riff-colored glasses.

There’s a frantic, yearning quality to the chords that form the song’s spine, evoking the wails of an ensnared beast. The constant flux between high- and low-register notes recalls Ulcerate‘s organic dissodeath, but “A Wrenching Nostalgia’s” brevity and focus on melody helps it burrow into remembrance much quicker. Other tech death giants (Psycroptic comes to mind with their fluid phrasing) have left their mark here, but Crown of Madness use these building blocks for new roads, not altars. Their blend of technicality and emotion, light and dark, atmosphere and stank-face riffing showcases a young band facing down a future ripe with opportunity.

Elemental Binding will be released on February 23rd. Check out the band on Bandcamp and Zuccbook!


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