Premiere: Blight House – “Florida Man Hails Satan”


Hail DeSatan

The state of Florida is a nightmare-infested shit swamp, making it the perfect candidate for some sardonic and stanky death metal. Who, then, is better to delve into the mire than Blight House? These professional peddlers of pestilence have proven they can deliver icky death metal with the best of them and be actually funny while doing it. To that end, we’re bringing you a premiere of “Florida Man Hails Satan” from their upcoming Blight the Way.

A comedic twist is nothing without good music, though, and Blight House knows it. This song is a solid mid-tempo heater driven with some clanky-ass D-beat-adjacent beats and some chunky riffs that somehow both sound dry and smeared in rotting milk. The vocals tie the whole thing together with equal parts rasp and gurgle, making the whole product sound appropriately like it just emerged from the bog and clattered its way into Tampa. It all sounds almost as unhinged as Florida Man himself. Almost. Quothe the band:

We think of ourselves as people who understand the most ostentatiously grim and idiosyncratically evil aspects of human nature, but when it comes to Florida, even we’re at a loss. To be honest, we’ve never been to Florida. We’re from Rhode Island. We have disgusting, bug-infested coastal swamps full of forgotten corpses at home, and we want nothing to do with whatever hell-portal Florida sits atop of. Unless you’re asking for tax purposes, in which case the truth is that we live there for more than 6 months of the year.

Blight the Way is out on August 4th via Syrup Moose Records.

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