Track Premiere: Fossilization – “Oracle of Reversion”


Where did I put my corpse-paint again?

Fossilization is a newer underground death metal band coming from São Paulo, Brazil. After forming in 2020 they released their first EP in 2021 with the title He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten; it’s been two years since then and they are now gearing up to release their first full-length record, Leprous Daylight. They previously released the first single from the record, and today we’re premiering the second single, “Oracle Of Reversion”.

Diving straight into the track, it’s very dark and atmospheric, giving me almost black metal vibes. The short intro is then replaced with blast beats and fast trem-picked guitar work, smothered in reverb; with huge, booming basslines in the background, the track sounds massive. The vocals are super low-pitched growls with nearly indiscernible lyrics, which I mean, that’s kind of exactly what I want in a track like this. As the track progresses it slows down a bit, conjuring images of massive lumbering giants crushing their way through a dark, snow-covered forest.

Did you dig this track? if so I recommend pre-ordering the record today on Bandcamp!

Leprous Daylight will be released September 8 via Everlasting Spew Records.

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