TMP: Enslaved, Caligula’s Horse, Spirit Adrift, and More!


It’s kinda sad when metal news is less brutal than the actual news, right?

The Body and Full of Hell are working together again and released a new song. Album out November 17th.

New Enslaved is always worth the listen. Album out October 13th.

Very excited to see Spirit Adrift set a release date of October 6th. Check out the new song.

Ya boy Stick needs me (dumb Lizard) to finish this week’s video dump for him so… sorry –

  • Summoning released a short teaser video which was (only just) insufficient for me to reach climax.
  • In an Act Of Defiance you should not watch more than 8 seconds of this new video.
  • Yet another SiKth video, this time featuring that yodelling rooster from Periphery.
  • There’s a 10-minute Enslaved video. Is that excessive? I dunno, didn’t watch it.
  • The new Satyricon continues to polarise.
  • Something called a Russkaja here that makes Slavic salsa noises. My right eyebrow has never lifted this high.
  • Exhumed have gone all-out on their upcoming concept album based on some Scottish murders from the 1820’s, using period-piece riffs too by the sounds of it.
  • Incantation have a new lyric video out, proving that they shouldn’t.
  • Ethan McCarthy hates you so much that he made this new Primitive Man video just for you.
  • Motörhead‘s cover of Bowie’s “Heroes” from their upcoming Under Cover album is out. You’ll prob cry.

What did we miss? Share your metal news in the comments below.

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