Taste Collapse With This Devastating Solium Fatalis Premiere


Start your week off with some snappy skull-splintering death metal.

Full Disclosure: Prior to seeing this album appear in the inbox, I’d never heard a Solium Fatalis song. However, the fact their upcoming album Genetically Engineered To Enslave was said to feature Cryptopsy and Chthe’ilist guest spots was all the draw I needed to check it out. And, if we’re being really honest, I just wanted to hear more of Phil Tougas’ otherwordly soloing. Does that make me a piece of shit? No. The fact I’m a piece of shit makes me a piece of shit. Loving guitar solos is not a crime. And thank fuck for that, otherwise this album would have some of us LTFU.

After hastily loading up my phone with with record for the next day at work I didn’t actually check which track featured Phil’s solo. No problem, should be able to discern his singular shred style pretty easily I thought. By the time I’d gotten half-way through the album I thought I’d heard it 3 or more times. Maybe he guested on a bunch of them and had opted for the more fitting ? Then by the time I’d reached track 9 (‘Fiery The Angels Fell’), and heard that familiar tone I’d realised my glaring error. These dudes shred like wild too.

Solium Fatalis’ tight percussive riffing on Genetically Engineered To Enslave varies from a pummeling Neter-like groove to monstrous mechanical mosh a la early Rivers Of Nihil, with every kind of palm-muted string-stomp in between; there’s even an emotive Black Crown Iniate-style thumper in the middle. Today we’re pleased to bring you an exlcusive premiere of the album’s closing cut ‘A Tongue To Taste The Collapse’. Smash play below and get your stomp on.

Solium Fatalis’ Genetically Engineered To Enslave releases on October 13th.


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