A Toilet ov Hell Premiere Pt 2: New Chemical Cascades and More from Dewar PR


Dewar PR‘s January compilation is out now, and includes previously unreleased tracks from Sisters of. and Frank’s Enemy, and showcases new music from Old Thunder, Into the StormChemical Cascades, and more.

Previously, we premiered Dewar PR’s November compilation waaaaaay back in, uh, November. Eagle-eyed readers will recall that we also highlighted Dewar’s very siqqq August compilation all the way back in, uh… August. Like a jam addict, we’re back at it again with Dewar PR’s January compilation (it’s January right now, right?).

Our buddy Dewar has turned us on to some truly fantastic bands like Unmothered, Void Ritual, and Slugdge. With January’s comp, you get new tuneage from one of the first bands ever reviewed on the Toilet (and again, later), Aussie black metal crew Chemical Cascades. You can also expect brutal sounds from Old Thunder, Mastodon-esque sludge from Into the Storm, and meditative prog rock in the vein of Tool from Sisters of. Check it all out right here.

  1. Slomatics – Troglorite (Stoner Doom)
  2. Lotek Cruiser – Black Heart (Fuzz Rock)
  3. Allfather – Blood Red Sunset (Sludge/Hardcore)
  4. Frank’s Enemy – I Hate Star Wars (Spazzy Electro)
  5. Into the Storm – John Jameson (Sludge)
  6. Tormenter – Cosmic Collapse (Thrash)
  7. Old Thunder – Oncoming Storm (Aggressively Bleak Sludge)
  8. Sisters of. – The Adversary (Prog Rock)
  9. Twingiant – Daisy Cutter (Hard Rock)
  10. Shamash – Mater Dei (Blackened Death)
  11. Korseld – Bombrad (Death/Doom)
  12. Chemical Cascades – The Iron Council (Black Metal)
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