Toilet Radio 459 – Some Guy Who Kills People feat. GoodBadFlicks


The October Spooktacular continues! This week we’re joined by the extremely entertaining Cecil of GoodBadFlicks to watch 2012 comedy/horror/drama Some Guy Who Kills People. But that’s not all – we also discuss the pressing matters of the day like: 3DO FMV romantic comedy game Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties, The McPherson Tape and fake alien autopsies on FOX ruining our brains, quitting your job to make videos full time, and of course, Some Guy Who Kills People. Folks, it is a good one.

NEXT WEEK: We’re watching an insanely gnarly Argentinian film called Atterados (2017) with Adzes!

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Artists featured on this ‘sode:
Psychostick – Good Bad Flicks Uninvited Intro

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