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Buckle your nuts and knuckle your butts, ’cause it’s Bandcamp Friday.

Y’all, I was going to cook up a serious post about Jimmie’s Chicken Shack after Hans found it “astounding” that I, a person who was 10 years old in 1997, owned JCS’s hit album Pushing the Salmanilla Envelope. It sold 200,000 copies, Hans! Lots of people owned it! I listened to the album multiple times yesterday, and I swear I will use my ill-gotten Flush It Friday platform next week to explain to you why it might actually be kinda dope, but today is a special day. Maybe not as special as Leap Day! But special nonetheless, because today is Bandcamp Friday, where all fees are waived and all proceeds go directly to the label and/or artists. So, instead of talking at length about a probably bad but definitely interesting album from 27 years ago, I figured I would direct your attention to some sexy deals to spend your money in rad ways.

Over at our beloved Fiadh Productions, all cassettes are $6.66. At random, I would suggest the recently released Line of Fight from noise trio Deep Fade. Rooted in field recordings of construction and demolition sites in Detroit, Line of Fight is a haunting, spectral, and hellish documentation of the hollowing out of one America’s great cities through racist neoliberal policies that deunionized and left blighted so many lives and communities.

Using code “BCFRIDAY” over at Hypnotic Dirge Records will get you 20% off anything listed on their Bandcamp. All digital releases are already Name Your Price, and you can get the entire digital catalogue for a pittance, but what if you wanted some physical media or some merch? What if, for instance, you were considering ordering Claret Ash‘s phenomenal and criminally overlooked come list season Worldtorn: Anemoia on either aquamarine or aureate gold vinyl? Well, now you get 20% off that price. I’m still regretting not including it in my Top Ten.

What would a BCF post be without mentioning Transcending Obscurity Records? Not only did Fathomless Ritual‘s Hymns for the Lesser Gods drop today, but Kunal announced that for the entire month of March, all orders over $30 will receive a random merch product for the low low cost of Free Ninety-Nine. To quote the legend himself: “It could be a T-shirt, long sleeve, heck, even hoodie, who knows? The bigger the order, the better your chances are at getting something substantial.” That’s wild. Of course, the offer is good for all of Smarch, but wouldn’t it be even better to do it today, when that $30+ is gonna stretch extra far? I’m gonna order at least one tank top and one raglan if not two tank tops. It’s just gonna happen, folks!

Long-time friend of Toilet ov Hell Convulsing has released perduance, their first full-length since 2018’s much-heralded Grievous. I’m not Lacertilian, so I could never do such an album justice, but it’s easy to say that, even after a cursory listen, Brendan Sloan has done it again with this wild piece of death metal that demands your attention. It’s Name Your Price, so throw a ton of AUDs at our friend and behold his mastery.

But wait, there’s more! You can also use your filthy lucre to support any of the bands discussed in the various posts from the latest week of Toilet ov Hell. Let’s get flushing and let’s get those wallets out, you swirling eddy of miscreant misers.

Sticky and Roldy make this whole thing work, and don’t you forget it.

Aaron showed us what was, what might have been, and what still could be for the mercurial and misunderstood genre of blackgaze:

The Shape Of Blackgaze That Never Came

Hans is practiced in the way of the ancients, as evidenced by this stellar Volcandra review:

Review: Volcandra – The Way of Ancients

Aaron double-dipped this week to interview Garry Brents about the “black metal/chiptune” project Gonemage. Whatever chiptune is:

Interview: Gonemage

McNulty unearthed some absolutely stellar Dutch black metal from Morvigor. Mor-vigor, please!

Morvigor Is Back With a New EP, “De spiegel”!

Tha Boiz are talking SLAAAAAYYYYEERRRRR, the asshat who fucked with St. Vitus, and, of course, AI bullshit on this week’s pod’:

Toilet Radio 483 – History Has Vindicated Us

SLOPE GANG with me, Iron Goddess of Mercy.

It Hits Different: Slope’s Freak Dreams

As always, Spear premiered something great with a new track from Suffer.

Premiere: Suffer – “Inhalent Caustic Foray”

What a week! Y’all are about to go broke buying me tank tops and cassettes and digital albums, but just know I appreciate it. Do you know what I’d also appreciate? If you’d sign up for the Toilet ov Hell PatreonJoe just dropped a mixtape that is over 170 songs and barely an hour long. He time-stamped the entire thing. The lad is mad, as they say.

I’d also appreciate it if you’d throw some GBUs in the comments and hit us with some other BCF recommendations, deals, NYPs. There’s just so many opportunities for me to appreciate you more than I already do. Be well.

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