Premiere: Death Courier – “Necrotic Verses”


New music from one of the original Greek death metal bands.

I’m a man of simple means; put some fast riffs in front of me and lather them up in slimy vocals and I’m happy. Death Courier have both in abundance, and they’re really fucking good at it- as one would expect from a band doing it since 1987. Neither age nor a nearly two-decade hiatus (the band was defunct from ’92 to ’09) has slowed their step or dulled their edge; Necrotic Verses packs a hell of a punch, more so than many of the younger OSDM-flavored bands that have spawned over the past few years. I’m pleased as hell to be bringing you the title track to their upcoming full-length, which also serves as its intro track.

The phrase “intro track” might rightly give make some of you gag, but I assure you this is no aimless synth meandering or spoken word nonsense. No, this is fast and aggressive death metal; it’s short, punchy, and to the point, and it wastes no time getting to the blastbeats and vile melodies. It’s powerful and heavy, sleek in spite of its weight; I suspect fans of Morbid Angel and Asphyx will get a lot out of this, and even Vader fans will be able to sink their teeth into some of the thrashier portions of the album. If you’ve only got three minutes and forty seconds of free time today, spend it listening to “Necrotic Verses.” You won’t regret it.

Necrotic Verses releases on June 5th through Transcending Obscurity.

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