Premiere: Mast Year – Fuckboi

Mast Year - Knife

Oh, boi.

You might think you don’t have the time, but Baltimore-based post-hardcore/noise rock band Mast Year has just enough time to give you a quickie. Forget the romance and the candles and the satin sheets. Sometimes you just need the ol’ in and out and you’re left satisfied and with messy hair.

The band blasts us in the face with their new single “Fuckboi”. This is the type of song that you’d hear late at night on a college radio station, fading in and out as you drive around your dead suburban town, hoping the DJ tells you the name of the band before the static overtakes you. It’s a short, chaotic, burst of noise and before you know it, the song is over and you’re left limp and chafed.

The band says:

“This one started out as a pandemic era demo I wrote with Darin, with the working title ‘Plow.’ The bass riff is obviously the ‘real’ riff here, and the guitars are more of a textural element. After bringing in Eric, we were all super refreshed to hear his take on the song, which leans into this fun and kinda unhinged vibe. I love that we’re not so serious of a band that we can’t have a song called ‘Fukboi.’ Also, every time we play it, Eric goes, ‘This next one is called Fukboi… Fukboi…Fukboi,’ and says ‘Fukboi’ over and over until Ben counts us off, which is pretty cute.” – Noel Mueller

“I haven’t seriously fronted a band since I was a teenager and I needed a mic to yell at. This music spoke to my noise rock nerve and got my blood flowing. So, I was excited to be asked to yell for the MAST YEAR.” – Eric Rhodes

Gather up your clothes and check it out:

Mast Year’s album Knife will be released digitally and on limited CDs via Grimoire Records on April 7th. You can pre-order the album here. Follow the band on Facebook.

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