Premiere: Decoherence – “Closed Timelike Curves”


In space, no one can hear you skronk.

I don’t typically fuck with things that fall under the “industrial” umbrella, nor am I the biggest black metal fan in the world. So when I say, “Here’s some industrial black metal you should listen to ASAP,” you should know it’s something special (or I’ve been abducted and replaced in some kind of bodysnatchers situation). Decoherence are gearing up to drop their third full-length album, a dissonant and strange work that speculates a far future in which humanity has all but succeeded in its quest for knowledge and faces the horror of emptiness.

“Closed Timelike Curves” is our introduction to Order, opening to the march of a militant beat and a machinelike thrumming, a voice echoing in the distance. It evokes a sense of vastness, of being aboard a tiny vessel in the incalculable void of space. The melodies that drift in and out, strange and ethereal above the mechanical pulse of the rhythm, bespeak both the unreality at the edge of time and space and the crippling anxiety of loneliness and meaninglessness. It is cold, it is calculated, and it is heavy. This isn’t going to be the album for everyone, but for those willing to immerse themselves in the haze, it will prove to be a harrowing and powerful experience.

Order releases on July 28th via Sentient Ruin
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