Album Premiere: Sulfuric Hatred – Sulfuric Hatred

Sulfuric Hatred Sentient Ruin

Featuring members of Undeath, Vile Ritual, and Stabbed.


While most people are thinking of holiday joy, I’m thinking about falling into a pit of death and destruction. The days are colder, the nights are darker and all I want to do is tear something apart. It’s hard to fully describe, so thankfully Sulfuric Hatred is here with their new album to do all the talking for me. The debut self-titled album features Alexander Jones of Undeath, guitarist/bassist Liam McMahon of Vile Ritual, and Sam Shereck of Stabbed, Exsanguinated, and formerly Reeking Aura. You know you’re in good, rotten hands with this group of noise monsters.

Each track on the self-titled album feels like you’re being buried alive. Waves of static-soaked riffs, hellish growls, and unforgiving drums cascade over you like piles of shoveled dirt. You can’t think, you can’t move, and, eventually, you can’t breathe. The songs envelope and encase you, filling your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth with graveyard soil. The pressure builds, the weight becomes immense until finally, finally you accept your fate and let the darkness take you.

The band says,

Sulfuric Hatred is a gathering of like minded artists from across the planes of North America with the sole purpose of unleashing pure audio terror upon the listener. Since late 2021 we have spent time crafting and honing our blades to create some of the noisiest and chaotic music we have ever created. The project focuses on combining the sounds of extreme underground music such as Death Metal, Black Metal, and Grindcore into one psychosis inducing concoction of sounds. The album is purposefully varied to provide different approaches to the same goal. The album begins with more blistering straightforward track before branching into different speeds and sounds in order to make the listener not know what is coming next.


Sulfuric Hatred is out tomorrow via Sentient Ruin Laboratories.

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