Free Metal Detector: Azath Demolish Bowels


A demo so pulpy, you’ll shit your pants with excritement.

You’ll have to excuse my French, because I don’t speak that shit. I also don’t understand the point of that saying. What I do understand, however, is excellent fucken death metal. And only a few hours ago a new band (formed by some familiar faces) named Azath dropped their 3-track demo, and it kills. Comprised of Andrew Lee of Ripped To Shreds (bass) notoriety, Derek from Begrime Exemious (vox), the mysterious Vvornth (drums), and our very busy boy BW from Draghkar & Grave Spirit (guitars), Azath is everything a supergroup isn’t. You probably don’t know them. You haven’t heard any hype. But perhaps the most important distinction – the music is great.

As mentioned above, this demo only dropped within the last 24 hours so you’re getting it hot off the feed here, but this little ripper only took one playthrough to know it warranted some signal boostage. The first track ‘Bonecaster’ wastes no time belting you about the jowels with some meaty percussive riffage. Andrew’s chunky bass sound coupled with Derek’s cadaverous low growls only serve to amplify the bountiful butchery. Then just before you settle into your plate of meat n potatoes slaughter, you’re hit with an off-kilter lead motif which only serves to hint at some of the tasty shred soloing that is yet to come. This may seem like a truncated meal, and size-wise it may be, but all the flavours are there in healthy proportions; besides, the one thing all these clichéd culinary analogy-laden reviews fail to mention is that you can replay this treat as many times as you like. With, or without vomiting. Bóne apple teef, etc.

As with all our recommendations on Free Metal Detector, they’re available to download at no cost but we encourage you to swing them a couple of coins for their collective troubles.

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