PREMIERE: Eternal Storm – The Mountain


Spanish melodic/atmospheric death metal band Eternal Storm garnered a ton of positive attention for their debut EP, with an intricate, organic sound and penchant for melody and emotion. If you caught that release a while back and it grabbed you, you’ll be glad to know the band is dropping a full-length soon through Transcending Obscurity.

Come the Tide will drop August 23 and features 8 tracks and more guest appearances than you can shake a stick at–7 in all including Migueloud Ontivero from Wormed.

The flows and transitions between different styles and moods, both heavy and clean, are seamless and polished to a glistening shine. The composition and production quality on this record really help bring out the strength in their intricate, heavily-layered style of songwriting and the band’s ability to actually bring out and highlight a melody in some of these tracks is quite the feat of musicianship.

I hadn’t heard of the group before now but they are very much my kind of melodeath and I’m eagerly looking forward to this release. There’s a reason it’s already drowning in positive press. To whet your appetite, we’ve got an exclusive track to premiere for you. Please enjoy “The Mountain.”

It’s a tumultuous, black metal-esque track which shows a more singular focus than those currently available to check out for the upcoming album. Expect a nice earful of atmosphere and emotion. Hope you enjoy.

Come the Tide is out August 23 through Transcending Obscurity.

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