Flush It Friday: Down With the Sickness


Every Friday afternoon we come together to scream out the bad vibes and replace them with some good lovin’. This is Flush It Friday.

I’m a man who prides himself on his commitment to fitness and proper nutrition. If you work out and eat right you’ll be able to keep yourself happy and healthy! So why the FUCK am I SICK. AGAIN. If you’ll recall, less than a month ago I came down with a nasty ass case of strep throat. I lost a bunch of weight and watched a few seasons of Friday Night Lights because I am a teenage girl stuck in the mid 2000s. It sucked. There are a number of things at work here: the weather all across the US is a frozen hellscape, everyone around me is a mucus projectile launcher, booze is delicious, I have terrible karma, and when I last recovered I left behind two unwatched seasons of Friday Night Lights. This sickness was inevitable. But still, FLUSH IT.


Look at this fucking video of Bao Bao the panda playing in the snow. Where you and I look at frozen precipitation with equal parts piss and vinegar and dread, this panda is having the best time in the entire world. “THE SNOW PROVIDES AMPLE OPPORTUNITY FOR FROLIC. I AM A PANDA.” We should be more like Bao Bao. Yay Bao Bao. Day Bao Bao.


The weekend starts now, friends. Feel free to vent your rage below but be sure to follow it up with some positivity. Otherwise, this is an open swim. The floor is yours.

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