TMP: Temple Koludra, Howling Sycamore, Cerebral Rot, and More!


I’m not really sure what to feature today. I’m mostly picking at random here and letting some lesser known guys steal the show.

Humanity’s Last Breath

Cerebral Rot getting gross.


Eternal Storm

Temple Koludra

  • Betraying the Martyrs, Entheos, Within Destruction tour.
  • The 80s shit from The Night Flight Orchestra.
  • New Volbeat vid.
  • Fuzzy rock from Red Fang.
  • A Pale Horse Named Garth seriously named their new song “Fell in My Hole”.
  • More Howling Sycamore.
  • Imperial Trumpet, Behold the Arctopus West Coast tour.
  • Single from Pallbearer is fine, as usual.
  • War masturbation from Sabaton.
  • Conjurer hitting the Euro.
  • New crazy track from Serpent of Gnosis (JFAC, TBDM).
  • Zombie Apocalypse are back after 15 years, new track.
  • Tau Cross track.
  • Trees n shit black metal from Imperium Dekadenz.
  • Good sludgy doom from Plague of Carcosa.
  • Atmo stuff from Ashbringer.
  • Helmet are doing a big 30th-anniversary tour.
  • Disentomb slamming it up.
  • New Crobot in August, track here.
  • Gatecreeper did an adult swim single.
  • Maryland Deathfest 2020 already has a few bands announced.

A bunch more:

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