Premiere: Ferum – ‘Siege Of Carnality’


Boom death death death death/doom,
Boom death death death death/doom,
Death death death death DOOM!

Today we’re pleased to offer up the first taste of Italian trio Ferum‘s debut EP. Recorded a mere 2 months ago, the band’s first 5 tracks are an extremely thumping rollick through the perennially fertile fields of death/doom. Completely devoid of pretense and straight to the point, Vergence is an instanenously enjoyable powertrip which showcases the band’s affinity for pounding Asphyxian rhythms, Derkétan drudgery, and perhaps most overtly of all – Cianide‘s immediacy and inherent catchiness. In fact, track 4 is a cover of the latter’s 1992 song ‘Funeral’. Having already shared the stage in their short time with Valgrind, Undergang, and Gorephilia, and also getting Marko Neuman from Convocation to lay down some guest vocals, Ferum are in good company.

Here’s what Samantha (guitars|vocals) had to say about the upcoming EP –

“Vergence is the result of my passion for the Death/Doom scene combined to the tightest line up I’ve ever been playing with, as we could have given this debut the proper STENCH only by sharing the same mindset and enthusiasm. Plenty of shows are in the works already so be on the lookout for Vergence to reach you soon”

Pre-Order your copy of Ferum’s upcoming crusher Vergence ready for its December 12th release.

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