Album Premiere: Instigate – Unheeded Warnings of Decay


Academics in the field of metal history have determined that death metal combines the experience of dying with various heavy metal musical styles. But how exactly do we determine the “deadliness” of death metal? Deaths per minute? If that’s the case then this new offering from Instigate is about a 9/11 a minute. Today they are releasing their debut full length Unheeded Warnings of Decay via Everlasting Spew Records, and let me tell you right now that the magnitude of death here is outrageous—we aren’t just talking beatdowns on individuals or murder fantasy, but a beatdown on life itself.

Instigate are proving to be true to their name as they instigate the destruction of entire cities (musically, in Minecraft etc) and provide such a force of riffage that THEY ARE DESTROYING THE ENTIRETY OF EVOLUTION SO FAR. Your ancestors will stop existing after this one. The primordial ooze itself will shrivel and die. Glomerales? Fuck them. Francevillian biota? Fuck them too. Caveasphaera? Sorry. In fact, fuck everything I could find while on the Earliest Known Lifeforms Wikipedia page because Instigate will erase it all today. Too many riffs to fit inside of earth’s atmosphere; massive calamity.  

Now that I’ve appropriately warned our readers of the sheer consequences of this album, what does it actually sound like? There are strong elements of grind, brutal death and thrash among the blast beats and techy death foundation, but also a sense of cinematic atmosphere rather than a senseless flurry. It eases in and out of the rampage with cool little one-off guitar bits and strategic pauses that provide a sense of build up before galloping into face-melting territory. The track “Haruspex” is a great example of how they shift the weight of each section to keep it interesting and ensure maximum moshability. “Indoctrinated Reborn” is another big highlight with visceral lyrics like “The flesh spasms, undressed/corruption fluidly ungloves the harmonies/the seeds fed on blood/beg for revenge/guardians of the growing madness” and this banger of a rhyming couplet: “Centuries of evolution drown in fire/survivors’ pains relieved with the balm of the gods and liars“. SPICY.

Notes from the press release:

  • Available on all formats (tape, CD, Digital) except for Vinyl which is coming later in 2022
  • Instigate are made up of Death Metal veterans from Bloodtruth, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Demiurgon
  • Unheeded Warnings Of Decay features Francesco Paoli of Fleshgod Apocalypse as a session drummer
  • For fans of: Misery Index, Suffocation, Dyscarnate

Check them out on Bandcamp and Fvcebvvk!

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