Premiere: Finnr’s Cane – Willow


Finnr’s Cane has been kicking around since 2010, creating improvisation-based blackened doom and releasing albums as an anonymous trio. With a guitar, a cello, and drums, they create a dense sound that easily transports you to an introspective and vulnerable state of mind.

“Willow” kicks off Finnr’s Cane third full-length, Elegy, with pure intrigue. With a doomy approach to atmospheric black metal, the trio shows a few of their many sides in these short five minutes.  It highlights the soft tremolo, cello that occasionally pops its head up from laying the foundation to lead, and of course, a dark and moody tone. After a great long intro, the vocals kick in low in the mix with a blackened folk riff over the top.

Elegygoes on to surprise with some really uncomfortable discordant moments, frantic black metal riffs, folk-influences, and chilling scenes. “Willow”, like the rest of Elegy, finds time to let a groove breath and adds subtle inflections to make sure they are always progressing. The production has a very raw DIY feel that works well with the theme.

Their first single off the album, “Strange Sun” is also great, check it out.

Elegy will be released July 20 via Prophecy Productions. Check out the pre-order on Bandcamp, and follow them on Facebook.

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