Flush It Friday: The Bed Gremlin



It is the weekend, my Flushalos and Flushalettes. You know what that means. Time to drink exactly one beer and pray to Morpheus that I can catch up on sleep.

You see, my wife and I recently set a terrible, irreversible course in motion. On an ill-fated day in the dead of summer, in a moment of heat and weakness, my wife – at the time recuperating from a night shift of doctoring – allowed my sweet and exceptionally neurotic pup Roxy to sleep on our bed with her. This was a mistake, because now Roxy, an orphaned pit bull mutt we rescued a year ago,  believes that she is entitled to sleep on the bed whenever she desires. Her entitlement also extends to the full dimensions of the bed. And to all of the hours of the night, time during which I should be sleeping, to use as she sees fit. Sometimes that means snoring soundly in a tight ball at my feet. This week, however, that has meant perching atop my chest at night like a bed goblin, licking me greedily or tapping my face with her paw to remind me that she is still there and still a very good girl who needs lots and lots of pats to assure her of her goodness, please.

So, we betrayed ourselves and allowed our sweet girl to go from sleeping like this

or this

or this

to sleeping in bed with us, licking and circling and kneading and pawing and barking and generally acting like a sleep-depriving gremlin after midnight as she pleases.

But I guess it’s hard to begrudge the little gremlin when she looks like this.

I guess I can just nap this weekend.

So, what happened around these parts this week?

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We played Bandcamp Bingo!


Spear lost his mind over new Soreption.

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And Crab Nicholson returned to share his thoughts on the divisivew new Pig Destroyer job.

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That’s it for me this week, folks. Tune in next week to find out who prevailed in the great war for mattress space, and leave your G/B/U/A/S/L in the comments below while you check out a chilling new Ill Omen job.


Ok, here’s a bonus Roxy because you’re all so sweet.

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