Toilet Radio 185: Terror Comes to Austin


Holy good lord, it’s another thrilling episode of Toilet Radio. This show is a special one because it features an interview with one of the nicest metal dudes in Austin, Dusty Brooks. We’re talking with Dusty about the third edition of Austin Terror Fest, the finest block of metal to come to Austin since the dearly departed Chaos in Tejas. We’re chatting about cool spots in town, the organization of a great fest, SXSW shitshows, Panopticon covering a local legend, and much, much more rad shit. Breno also drops by high as a kite at the beginning of the show to talk about the latest embarrassing thing to appear in Beardo Methodology thanks to the Icelandic grampas in Misþyrming. Interview starts at 14:37. Dig it!

Check out the incredible lineup and then get your tix for Austin Terror Fest here.

Music featured on this show:
Dark Castle – “Awake in Sleep” from Spirited Migration

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