Premiere: Golgothan Remains – “Veneration of Carnal Blasphemy”


It’s my favorite kind of Friday: DEATH METAL PREMIERE FRIDAY

Confession time: I’m a bit of a weeb, but for Australia. Something about its isolation, unique flora and fauna, and culture speaks to me. It’s like a bigger, crazier version of my home state of Texas, but with more parrots and venomous snakes.

That great southern land has also spawned a bunch of really nasty, really great death metal.

Sydney based Golgothan Remains are among the nastiest and greatest of the current crop of Aussie death metal bands, and today I’m please to be sharing “Veneration of Carnal Blasphemy” off their upcoming sophomore release! “Veneration” is a 4 minute sprint through hell, with a main riff that calls to mind the bludgeoning sacrilege of Immolation and Incantation as much as the uncanny howls and ebbs of Suffering Hour and Ulcerate. Slap that play button below to hear it for yourself:

The band have this to say about this impious slab of a track:

“The opening track, Veneration of Carnal Blasphemy, premiered today, is based on the story of a young, religious noble man lured into the power of the Devil. The songs takes the listener on a journey of demon-worship, temptation and lust, on wings of heavy riffs, blasting drums and hellish screams. The bands feels the song is a great representation of the album as a whole, and sets the tone for Golgothan Remains’ next journey into the void.”

Other standout aspects include that ridiculously grimy bass tone, and at around the halfway point when the band pumps the brakes a bit and gets a little eerie with it in the build up to some absolutely unhinged howling at 2:32 (Luv2See death metal vocalists mix up the delivery a bit). In short: don’t be old and dumb and miss out like our boy Lacertilian circa 2018. Instead, git gud, go cop Adorned in Ruin via Brilliant Emperor Records (Australia) or Sentient Ruin (worldwide) on April 1, and follow Golgothan Remains on facebook , the instant-grams, and bandcamp.


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