Flush It Friday: Stupid Adult Edition


I’m old and dumb.

Look, I’m not gonna get too deep into this but because I’m a certified Adult™ I had to miss a killer gig out in the big smoke tonight. Ulcerate and Golgothan Remains were playing for like $15 and I’d much rather be there getting some degree of irreversible tinnitus than writing this junk. Last time I saw them disso-dealin’ Kiwi boys was only a year or two ago on an insane bill with GorgutsMgła, Marduk, and Départe which was tops, but I am spewin’ about missing out on seeing local upstarts Golgothan Remains. Their debut from earlier this year echoes some of the wild riffing tangents Suffering Hour took us on en route to claiming the (scientifically proven) #1 album of 2017. Guess I’ll get another chance to check them out one day. What are your plans for the weekend? Bet you’re doing something super cool and fun. If you are, keep it to yourself, I don’t wanna fucking hear it let us know in the comments, this is your weekly open swim! I’m about to chuck on Jaws 2 which is kind of fitting I guess.

Anyway, here’s some of the unflushable content we churned out this week you might have missed:

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And some dickhead tried to tell us that your fave albums still exist in [current year].

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