Premiere: Lurking — Self-Induced Hysteria


Releasing today, April 15th, from Everlasting Spew is a demo that, in its 2-song brevity, is tantamount to a terribly tantalizing tease of what new death metal outfit Lurking can do. Come spill your marbles to an exceptional demo.

Like a great metal outfit of virtually any style, Lurking remembers to grace us with a groove of such density that the grooves of our brains gravitate out towards the band, manifesting briefly in the crinkle-nosed stankface by which we venerate the vicious.

Though the vocals bellow brutally and the drums blast in all the right places, the guitars are what really make this EP stand out among the crop of contemporary death-slingin’ slashers. Complementary to their grievous grasp of groove is the rare courage to venture to the higher frets. Breaking up the pummeling in both of these songs are high, shimmering half-moons of notes that create a more convincingly crepuscular atmosphere than any cheesy synth line. You could make some great Castlevania background music out of those notes.

Toileteer D.F. had the following to say:

“I didn’t know what to expect from this band about whom I’d never heard. I pressed play and heard some metal that was good, but which I’d kind of heard before. Then… those leads. Those tasty, tasty leads. Which lead into a delicious solo. And THAT GEE-TAR TONE! This band went from something good to something amazing; and that was just the first song of a two song EP! I am immediately reminded of one of my favorite tech death bands, Deviant Process, and cannot wait to hear more from Lurking!”

Seriously, these two songs have got it all. They’ve even got songwriting skill, if you’re into that. Check it out if you like death metal.

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