Track Premiere: Ruinas – Resurrekzión


Get resuwreckted just in time for Easter.

I like it when a release lends itself to some sort of narrative and feels like a journey. Resurrekzión, the upcoming EP from young Spanish death/grind/crust duo Ruinas, is just such a case. After two tracks of bulldozing, crusty grind, the melancholic and pensive streaks of neo-crust find their way into the music before surprisingly and utterly transforming for an interlude and the colossal closer. This thing goes a lot of places in just 30 minutes.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. That middle section of the EP, where sheer aggression is balanced out with slightly less straightforward feelings, is where we find its title track. While setting out at a maniacal pace, the halfway point sees it shift towards a calmer, oddly majestic atmosphere. All the while, synths subtly signpost the final destination—something that both the song and the EP are concerned with, as everything-except-drummer Rober Bustabad (Machetazo) explains:

“‘Resurrekzión’ alludes to the frontiers of the grave and frivolizes with any possible redemption that the transit to another life or death entails. The ulterior trance. The twilight of the flesh. ‘Resurrekzión’ represents a true step forward for the band, a slight sample of what is yet to come.”

Spikerot Records will release Resurrekziòn on May 13th on all the platforms. Pre-orders and the equally awesome track “Último Vector” are available here.

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