Premiere: Void Rot – ‘Consumed By Oblivion’


It’s what it says on the damn box.

Know what rules? When a band’s name perfectly describes their sound. You can probably come up with a bunch of examples immediately. See? Well done. Yeah, I picked that one too. Yes, verbs are cheating. So I guess now you probably think you know how Void Rot sound already? Doom-drenched death metal? Yep. That much is pretty obvious. Cosmic-themed? Churning riffs? Crushing drums? You’re in the right place. How about I help out a bit?

The new Minnesotan band take the heaving heft of classic Finnish death/doom and imbue it with the kind of haunting overtones which Spectral Voice used to excellent effect last year. However, where classic bands of the style such as dISEMBOWELMENT, Thergothon, or most recently Ataraxy, preferred to evoke the ethereal, Void Rot torment the terrestrial plane. ‘Consumed By Oblivion’ is the title track from their upcoming debut EP and perfectly displays the band’s march from their primeval Cavurn towards the darkest Krypts. Wait, you know what might help give you an idea of what I’m talking about? If you crunch the play button RIGHT NOW!

Pre-order your copy of Void Rot‘s Consumed By Oblivion ready for its August 3rd release.
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