Flush it Friday: Acadian Blackened Hiking


The time has come, my friends, for me to touch grass. I leave for the mystical land of Maine this Sunday, never to return (until next Wednesday). Acadia National Park sounds like an Elden Ring location. (Even when I’m touching grass, I’m thinking of Sites of Grace, lawd help me. Guess I really do need this!) I will drive 5 hours to get there and my owl bum will go numb. I will bar the harbor. I will climb some giant rock called the Beehive and hopefully not slip off a rung and perish instantly. I will miss my Toilet buddies!

Riff Raff returned to grind our gears:

Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.59] We Must Grind. We Will Grind.

Sepulcrustacean dug up something rotten from France with this Epitaphe review:

Review: Epitaphe – II

Beavis Christ wampus’d most wildly in this Qoheleth video premiere:

Video Premiere: Qoheleth — “Wampus” & “Kudzu/Grendel”

Hans already made the best pun about Ruinas, so I’m just going to link his premiere:

Track Premiere: Ruinas – Resurrekzión

Been to Acadia? What’s your favorite national park? Tell me about your geographical journeys along with the G/B/Us below!

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